Dry Fire Training via Soldier Systems

Now THIS makes sense too.

I wouldn’t mind picking up one of these for each of the calibers I’ve got.  It’d make getting in some practice time a little easier.

I could also see it as a HUGE bonus for both LEO and .Mil for training.  It’d definitely cut down on ammo costs over the long run.  Probably enough to pay for itself.

Head on over to Soldier Systems and check out the whole article:

Laser Ammo Ltd. manufactures the patent pending SureStrike™ dry fire system which is designed to turn your pistol into a laser emitting dry-fire training gun. It does this by having dimensions similar to those of a standard ammunition cartridge. You load the device into the weapon’s chamber though the breech and it is held in place with a safety pipe and nut.

Activated only by a firing pin strike, the SureStrike emits eye-safe laser pulse, or a “shot” of red light, which simulates the point of impact where a bullet fired from the pistol, would have struck providing immediate feedback to the shooter.


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  2. We’ve used the BeamHit system (similar, inertial-activated laser), and it was primarily useful for gaining familiarity with the strings of fire that we’d be qualifying on. It was also, but less so, useful for developing good sight picture and trigger pull.

    Still, trigger time is trigger time. I prefer “bang” to “click,” but we take what we can get.

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