Concealement and Cover (via AnarchAngel)

I really want to thank AnarchAngel for putting this out there.  I only hope that people (the media, game designers, etc) realize that hey, this Dude really knows his stuff.  Hmm, maybe we’ll get a better reception if we actually use the proper terms for stuff and/or make games a ‘little bit’ more realistic.

Naaaaahh, that’d make too much sense for them.

Either way, head on over to the AnarcAngel and check it out. I’m surprised it hasn’t been said yet:

When I am CONCEALED behind “concealment” you cannot see me; but if you shoot through my concealment where I happen to be, you WILL hit me, whether you can see me or not.

If I take COVER behind concealment, I will STILL be shot.

The interior walls and furnishings of most houses are CONCEALMENT not COVER. “The Forest” is concealment, not cover”. Curtains, camouflage netting, any other thing which is soft and flexible and obscures view is CONCEALMENT, NOT COVER.



~ by Normanomicon on October 14, 2010.

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