I’ve always been a fan of the Scott ‘Geek wear’ as I call it.  It’s officially known as the Sev/SCOTTEVEST line of clothing.  I call it ‘Geek wear’ because of the enormous amount of pockets and their patented ‘Personal Area Network’ or PAN for short.

Well, Gotta Be Mobile reminded me of just how much I like the SeV line of clothing once again when they previewed the Carry On Coat.

Flying has been a lot less friendly since airlines implemented tougher limits on baggage and charging from checked bags. A new SCOTTEVEST jacket is designed with enough pockets to store everything most people would pack on a weekend trip.

Well, I went over to the SeV site to droll over their stuff yet again and found that SeV is in a bit of a battle with the Delta Sky Magazine.

I couldn’t do the site and information justice so I’m going to provide this rejected add of theirs and a link to the site that tells all about the issue at hand.

Let’s show our support here and get the word out any way we can.  Let’s show the airlines that if they’re going to force us to pay, we’re going to find a way to do things so we don’t have to pay. (I will say this.  Most airlines will waive the fee for active military on orders and some will waive the fees for people traveling for funeral details.)

Delta Sky Rejects SCOTTEVEST’s “Beat the System – How to Avoid Extra Bag Fees” Ad

October 2, 2010

My company, SCOTTEVEST/SeV Travel Clothing, makes stylish travel clothes with many pockets. As a small business owner, I never really expected to find myself in a David vs. Goliath situation with a major airline, but apparently I’ve kicked a hornets’ nest.

Below is a timeline of what has happened in this debacle. Whether you are a traveler, writer, producer or just want to know the truth that the airlines want to hide from you, this is worth checking out. Frankly, I was shocked at their attempts to silence me, and feel it’s my obligation to share it with the world.


Scott Jordan

Scott Jordan, CEO & Founder
SCOTTEVEST/SeV Travel Clothing


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