Gadget Envy

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I have SERIOUS gadget envy.

It seems as though everyone around me is getting the iPad.  I didn’t mind when I had the original iPhone and everyone around me was getting the iPhone 3GS.  I didn’t mind when I finally got the iPhone 3G and everyone else still had or was getting the 3GS.  It didn’t even bother me when the iPad first came out and a few people around me had an iPad.  More specifically, it didn’t bother me that the programmers, hardcore gotta have it first day Apple guys/girls and other geeky types had it.  It didn’t bother me that people that didn’t really care for it but their company got it for them had it.

But now, I’m seeing more and more people walking around with the iPad and most of them wouldn’t know a computer from a toilet, and knowing how much I’d put it to use, I’m going bananas over not having one. Another thing that get’s to me is the fact that I’ve been seeing more and more reports of people that have bought it and are pretty much just letting it sit and collect dust after a week or two of hard core use.

With the amount of stuff I do on the iPhone, I’d LOVE to have the iPad.  It’d be so much nicer to watch Netflix on instead of my computer or iPhone when my son’s watching something else on TV.  It’d be so much nicer sitting there reading a book on the iPad instead of the iPhone or computer.  It’d be so much nicer instead of lugging around my Macbook everywhere to just grab the iPad and go.  And I’m sure my son would LOVE being able to play his apps on the iPad.  The learning apps included.

That being said, I’d much rather have the 3G version, but the wifi version would suit me just fine.



If anyone would like to donate to the “I need and iPad” fund, please feel free to donate as I’ve got more important things to spend my money on right now like car payments, mortgage, insurance, inspection, etc.  🙂

Ok, I’m done ranting for now.  🙂


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  1. You know for a fact that the instant you purchase one, a dual-mode EVDO / HSPA will ship at half the price.

    • Yeah, I know. It’s the way it is with me. Not more than a month after I got the original iPhone, the 3G came out. After I got the 3G, the 3GS came out. I’m always a model behind. 😉

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