The United States of Star Wars

There are those out there that know me, and those that do, know that I’m a Star Wars, Dr Who, Star Trek, all around sci-fi geek (among other geek things).

Well, I was bumping around the web the other day and found this great map of the United States.  It seems someone took planets from the known Star Wars universe and applied them to the United States map.

The states were assigned planets via information retrieved from the Wookieepedia (the Star Wars Wiki).

Head on over to Rougue Leader and check it out:

Planets were assigned based on partial terrain, landmarks that correlate with the planet and state, types of people in the state and planet, famous landmarks, or slightly randomly selected (but loosely based on facts) from my brother and myself.

I do find it interesting, and flattering actually, that my home state (Pennsylvania) is based or had Tython chosen to represent it.  Tython is the planet where the Jedi Order originated, born from the first society of Force users in known history.

Also, There’s the full list of states/planets here:


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