Evolution of the geek

An interesting infographic over at Geeks are Sexy about the evolution of the Geek.  I actually find myself in several of the categories and don’t know if this actually conveys the true overall Geek.  I know I fit in to the Computer Geek, the Internet Geek, sort of a Book Geek, the Tech Geek, the D&D Geek, a little into the Comic Book Geek, both the Star Wars and Star Trek Geek as well as the Video Game Geek and a little into the Food Geek categories.  Yeah, I know, that’s a lot.  But when you think about it, most geek’s out there fall into one prime category and many sub-categories.

They did leave quite a few different geek classes out however; to include them all would make this graphic much larger and almost impossible to read.

Where do you fit in all of this?

Head on over to see the full article.

When one hears the word geek, images are conjured of pocket protectors and nightstands made out of old comic books. That old notion of geek-dom has since evolved into a new, tech-savy, and dare we say, cool geek.

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  1. This chart makes the unfortunate mistake of lumping geeks together with nerds, and there’s clearly a subtly-nuanced difference. The technical fields are definitely for the geeks. But the hobby stuff, like D&D, comics, and books? Definitely nerd territory. Oddly enough, the performing arts fall into geek-turf.

    And here’s the puzzler: Star Wars Geek
    Star Trek Nerd

    Say it out loud; you know it sounds right.

    • You make a great point. But also, I’ve always had the opinion that you’re a computer geek till you hit 6 figures, then you become the computer nerd. Though based on things stated and presented here, that’s not necessarily the case.


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