Sausage Scented? Bacon Scented maybe, bot not Sausage…

Sausage Scented iPhone soap over at Make: Online:

This iPhone soap is roughly the same size as the actual iPhone. It has the black button at the bottom and the “screen icons” in its “flat screen”. The top layer of the soap is dark grayish black and the bottom layer is a slightly lighter shade of gray. I must say that this is one of my coolest creations and each feature is meticulously created. I hope you like the result of the many experiments and hours I spent to perfect it!

I like sausage, actually, I like sausage a lot.  I like all forms of pork products, but to tell the truth, I’d have to say that bacon is by far my favorite.  Hmmm, wonder if I could modify this a bit.  😉


~ by Normanomicon on October 26, 2010.

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