Back To The Future Tweets…

Now this is pretty cool.

A guy by the name of Brian Harnish (@BrianHarnish on Twitter) is the coordinator of Back To The Future Twitter.  It’s a live reenactment on Twitter of the Back To The Future Trilogy in celebrating the 25th anniversary.

You can follow along (@WereGoingBack) with all of the characters and it’s going to go on for a few days.  It’s already started, so better get catching up.  I also understand they’re still looking for a few people to fill out the cast.

So far it’s looking pretty cool.  It’s an interesting look into the ‘minds’ of the characters as the movie’s happening.  I have a feeling I’m going to be up late a few nights in a row reading through all of these.

I wonder if they’re going to provide the entire transcript in book or downloadable form.  I think that’d be pretty cool.  If not, I’ll see what I can do to ‘make it happen’.  🙂

Anywho, either follow or better yet, create a list (or view mine @technog33k/bttftwitter) for the whole shebang.

  • We’re Going Back 25th Anniversary
  • @WereGoingBack
  • @BrianHarnish
  • @WereGoingBack/bttf-characters
  • @Marty__McFly__
  • @Doc__Brown__
  • @George__McFly__
  • @Biff__
  • @JenniferParker_
  • @LorraineBaines_
  • @Mr_Strickland

From the site:

As a bonus fun event, we will be “tweeting” the week of november 5th 1955 as it occurs in the film.

We are looking for volunteers to dawn the roles of the characters from the film, and tweet the films events as they occurred live from our event in november 2010!

25 years later!

They’re also selling tickets to numerous events, but you better hurry, there’s not many left.

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