Check Your Candy – 6 Companies Issue Halloween Candy Recalls (via PureBebe)

Public Service announcement just in time for Halloween.

I remember seeing every piece of candy my son got this last weekend at the camp ground when we went trick or treating. I also see every piece of candy that goes into his bag/bucket when he goes around the neighborhood.

My parents always ALWAYS checked my candy before I ate it as we were afraid of razor blades in the apples, etc.  Just generally being parentaly paranoid.  Maybe that’s where I get it from, but I’m sure out of the candy on this list, there’s only two or three that we run the risk of picking up during trick or treat.  Even still, I’ll still check the candy as we go.

Anyhow, happy hunting.

Check Your Candy - 6 Companies Issue Halloween Candy Recalls Six Companies (Nestlé®, Hershey, Colombina, Anhing Corp., Cocon Food Industries and Chula Vista Candy Companies) have issued recalls on Halloween candy for a variety of reasons ranging from the discovery of peanuts to high levels of lead found in the candies. Nestlé® – RAISINETS® (Made in U.S.A.) Nestlé® has issued a voluntary recall of its N … Read More

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