Halloween’s of distant past

I remember growing up, for weeks before the actual ‘Trick or Treat’ night, when I was real little, my parents and I would decide what I wanted to be for Halloween.  I was the hobo, the cowboy, the army dude, Ultraman, a superhero or two and who knows what else.  It was everything from home made costumes to store bought plastic and vinyl with masks and fire hazzards that would make today’s safety ‘experts’ go bananas.

As I got older, I remember taking weeks, sometimes even months to figure out what I was going to be on Halloween.  As I started getting older, I entered in a few costume contests.

One year I was some kind of a space alien dude.  It was a plastic ‘warm up suit’, a motorcycle helmet covered in aluminum foil and a toy ray gun.  I actually won a $25.00 gift certificate at the Colonial Park Mall with that costume.

Another year I dressed up in a pair of jeans, flannel shirt stuffed with paper, rubber monster hands and a rubber orange haired freaky monster mask.  I won most original/best home made costume with that one.  It was a youth group party, so all I got was a little plastic trophy, but it was cool.

I remember twice in high school, we were helping out down at Ft. Hunter with the haunted trail.  One time I was a hanged cowboy (cowboy hat, gun belt, boots, noose hanging from my neck) and I was a ‘tour guide’.  The other time I had a LOT more fun.  I would hide in a side room, people would come walking by and stop.  They would watch a young girl in a rocking chair rocking a ‘baby’.  The phone would be ringing, the baby crying, creepy scene.  Well, at the height of it all, she would scream out “WILL YOU GET THAT PHONE!”.  At that, I would pull the chain saw a few times and get the saw started, kick open the door and come busting out with a hockey mask, flannel shirt and jeans (the chain was off of the chainsaw of course, don’t want to actually hurt anyone).  I remember quite a few people that I literally scared stiff.  One woman so bad I remember they had to actually shut down the room for a bit so they could carry her out of the place and get her some help.  That was about the worst of them, but it was pretty fun over all.  Most people would just jump, scream, grab a hold of their SO’s and then laugh and move on.

I remember also during high school, a few friends of mine and I would walk around the neighborhood during Trick or Treat night and just take it all in, wishing we were still young enough to get candy.

I wouldn’t want to go to school on Trick or Treat night when I was younger, I just wanted to get ready and go go go.  But, if I didn’t go to school, I couldn’t go out and get candy.  I remember bundling up in so many layers for the night as it would be BITTER cold this time of year.  The day after I would either wake up with a tummy ache or just dead tired because I would be out late T or T night and wouldn’t want to get up.

Now that I’ve got a son, I love it when he finally makes up his mind exactly what he wants to be for Halloween.  Two years ago he was a soldier (army coat, army hat, etc).  Last year he was the Hulk complete with muscle suit and noise making hulk gloves.  This year, he’s going to be Batman.  He LOVES Batman.  My wife got him a pretty cool Batman costume for $2.00 I think at a yard sale.  I picked up a Batman mask for $5.00 at Party City (even though the costume came with one) and he’s got a few extra pieces that he might add.

I actually like taking him out walking around the old neighborhood, seeing some of the people that I grew up around.  It’s surprising to see how much has and hasn’t changed.  I love seeing the way he goes up to the houses, how he reacts to other kids and the decorations.

I just hope as he get’s older, he turns more and more to the home made costumes like I did when I was younger.

I just hope he doesn’t want to go the way of so many kids today and want to get a store bought costume that you just pick out and throw on.  I want him to actually help put some thought into the costume, have a hard time trying to come up with new ways of getting the costume just right.

Time will tell.

~ by Normanomicon on October 28, 2010.

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