Mind = Blown: Time traveller evidence from 1928

Ok, no, I’m not nuts. And yes, it could also be that she got a hold of some alien technology.  She could also have some sort of mini radio of some kind and is signing along. Or like one of my friends stated, maybe it’s some sort of hand held hearing aid (little cone shaped thing).

But you watch, and tell me what exactly you see going on.  I SWEAR you can make out something in her hand, and her talking to someone, but what it is, we don’t know.  Also, there’s no one else around her.

There HAS to be some logical explanation of what it is, but when you rule out all other possibilities, whatever is left, no matter how incredible must be the answer.

This was taken in 1928 at a Charlie Chaplain premier and I saw it over at iO9:

A few days ago, Irish filmmaker George Clarke announced he’d discovered the time traveler – a woman who appears to be talking to her cell phone – in the DVD extras for Charlie Chaplin’s film The Circus. The footage shows people lining up for the premiere of Chaplin’s movie, and this woman was captured randomly in a shot that swept the crowd. He posted it on YouTube and it exploded into memehood.


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