Carl Sagan Cosplay? REALLY?

I’m a geek.  You KNOW I’m a geek, just look at some of the posts I have.  Ok, I’m a geek with guns.  But either way, I don’t think that’s what first caught my wife’s eye (not quite sure what she sees in me), but I wonder what exactly she’d have thought if I did dress like Carl Sagan (or some other so called geeks).

Either way, Boing Boing has a piece on NerdBoyfriend about dressing like Carl Sagan to impress potential suitors.

Nerd Boyfriend is a Tumblr that provides a guide to dressing your significant other in the style of pretty much every male nerd superhero you can imagine—from Adam West to Woody Guthrie. (Plus quite a few dudes that I don’t really think of as geeky icons, like Yves Saint Laurent. But maybe that just because my list of nerderies doesn’t include “fashion”.)

Over at NerdBoyfriend, they have a long list of ‘nerds’. I’d like to know what exactly they used as the criteria for a nerd as some of these people don’t exactly fit my idea of a nerd or geek.  However; a few of them should be beside the definitions.

I should not that everyone that is listed is a celebrity of some sort, some you’ll recognize, some you won’t.  What do you think?


~ by Normanomicon on November 3, 2010.

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