Review: Multitasker TUBE (via Jerking the Trigger)

I think this is a fantastic tool. I love the fact that it’s so compact and can fit into just about any type of weapons case without taking up too much room.

Jerking the Trigger has really done a great job laying it out.

Head on over and have a read.

Review: Multitasker TUBE It isn’t always practical to carry a fully stocked tool box to the range and it is almost never practical to carry one into the field. However, if you have been shooting very long, you have probably run into a problem on the firing line that makes you wish you had a tool box with you. In that moment, when your carbine seems to be coming apart in your hands, you can either put it up for the day or you can reach for your Multitasker Tool. Multitask … Read More

via Jerking the Trigger


~ by Normanomicon on November 4, 2010.

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