Civillian machine gunners, Joey Bags, you were right, but so was I…

In  a discussion that I was having with a friend of mine, we debated the ownership of fully automatic weapons.

I thought you could own one, he thought you couldn’t.

In the long run, we were both right.  So here’s to us Joe.

Here’s the specific paragraph that proves us both right:

For civilian possession, all machineguns must have been manufactured and registered with the ATF prior to May 19, 1986 to be transferable between citizens. Only a Class-II manufacturer (a FFL holder licensed to manufacture firearms or Type-07 license that has paid a Special Occupational Tax Stamp or SOT) could manufacture machineguns after that date, and they can only be sold to Government, law-enforcement, and military entities. Transfer can only be done to other SOT FFL-holders, and such FFL-holders must have a “demonstration letter” from a respective Government agency to receive such machineguns. Falsification and/or misuse of the “demo-letter” process can and has resulted in long jail sentences and felony convictions for violators.

It comes from the National Firearms Act under the Categories of firearms explained section.  I know this is the Wiki paragraph, but it’s a lot easier to find this one than it is to go through the ATF documentation.

The Wiki link is here

Additional links to Firearms information is here:

I’m also providing the ATF National Firearms Handbook Link for your convenience.  It’s an interesting read, you’d be surprised at the stuff they’ve got in there.

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  1. Sure you can buy a pre 86 full auto – they cost about the same as a solid gold rolex for an Ar style or an MP-5

    You are better off buying a short barreled rifle, only a 5 buck tax.

    We were looking at buying a full-auto PKM for some courses we teach – it was between buying one or a Suburban

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