Black Friday Madness or idiocy? (via GottaBeMobile)

Thanks to GottaBeMobile, I found this interesting tidbit.

Now I’m not one to really care one way or the other if someone wants to ‘camp out’ for something.  I mean, come on, I went to the Midnight release of the Star Trek movie a while ago.

But COME ON, a WEEK ahead of schedule?  That’s just taking it a bit too far.  Even if you have little money to spend on Christmas, you don’t have to sit outside of somewhere for a WEEK just to get a few good deals.  Save up over time for it for cryin out loud.

Head on over to GottaBeMobile and check out the rest of the post (including video):

We’re a week away from Black Friday, the crazy post Thanksgiving Day shopping orgy in the US. It’s actually turning into Black Friday month according to some, with many retailers already offering specials and deals as early as the day after Halloween. Our friends at sister site having been going crazy posting as many Black Friday deals as they can so you can figure out where to go to save a few bucks, and the madness will just continue until, well, until Christmas.


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