After it happens, what to say to the cops…

Thanks to Warrior Talk News, we have a great piece on what to say to the cops after an event happens involving firearms.

One of the things that is incessantly being discussed in the CCW/LEO community is the after-event-discourse. In other words, what do you say…or not, after you have whacked an attacker. As expected, the variety of advice is as different as people’s choices in guns and ammo. A prevailing attitude is to simply shut up and say nothing under any circumstances. I disagree and here is why –

A lot of places and people will tell you to keep your mouth shut.  Gabe Suarez on the other hand says open it up, give basic details and then shut your pie hole.  (paraphrased of course, head over to his site to read the whole thing).

I think the way he describes what/how to say it is absolutely fantastic, and based on his prior experience, and the way he lays it out, I’d have to agree.

Great advice, what do you think?


~ by Normanomicon on November 20, 2010.

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