Got a zombie problem, here’s your answer

Thanks for pointing this out.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, step right up, this here is the solution to ALL of your zombie problems.

  • Got a zombie that you just can’t quite get rid of sitting on that ridge?  no problem, lock and load.
  • Got a zombie hoard coming over the hill?  Not a problem, slap this baby on your shoulders.
  • Got a hankerin to just go ape on those zomibes in the next township?  This is the answer.

Let me introduce the NEW and IMPROVED “RPC M1B Rocket Propelled chainsaw!”

  • Folding forward grip
  • RIS M1913 Rail
  • RM705 S4 Rocet Motor
  • Stabilizing Fins
  • Flip Up Sights
  • Model 75B 40 HP Long Range 1.5 Gallon Chainsaw

Get it NOW while you’ve still got time.

Rocet Propelled Chainsaw at

Okay, okay, we know that this is a conceptual idea and couldn’t possibly work in the real world. Or could it? That is why we need someone to jump on this pronto. And if you are successful, I’m sure you could even get Bruce Campbell to endorse it for you. After all, no one knows more about fighting the undead than Bruce.

~ by Normanomicon on November 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Got a zombie problem, here’s your answer”

  1. Incredibly heavy, kills just a few. Enjoy your death I say 🙂

    • Oh, I agree to a point. Yes, it’s heavy, yes, it does kill just a few, but for long range (other than a sniper rifle) it’s not bad. Put a tracking/guidance system on it and it would be much better suited.

      And as far as I’m concerned, it would be a ‘support’ weapon. 🙂

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