Gaming Anyone?

Thanks to the Geeks Are Sexy Extravagant Gift Guide, I have found Geek Chic.

Geek Chic  has some FANTASTIC furniture/heirloom quality gaming tables and accessories.  Granted, they start at almost $8900.00, but WOW, if I had the bucks to spare and was as heavy into gaming as I was years ago, I’d be picking one of these up.  Heck, I think I’d still be interested in picking one of these up as they are just bang up sexy.

What do you think?

Some of the other items that Geeks Are Sexy mentioned are:

Microsoft Surface $13,000.00:

Microsoft Surface is a revolutionary multi-touch computer that responds to natural hand gestures and real-world objects, helping people interact with digital content in a simple and intuitive way. With a large, horizontal user interface, Surface offers a unique gathering place where multiple users can collaboratively and simultaneously interact with data and each other.

Lord of the Rings First Edition, First Impression $62,000.00:

The film tie-in edition of the popular, one-volume, edition of the Book of the Century, featuring an exclusive image from the film. Since it was first published in 1954, The Lord of the Rings has been a book people have treasured. Steeped in unrivalled magic and otherworldliness, its sweeping fantasy has touched the hearts of young and old alike. Nearly 100 million copies of its many editions have been sold around the world, and occasional collectors’ editions become prized and valuable items of publishing. Now, the epic fantasy has been filmed, with the first part of the movie trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring (released simultaneously worldwide on 14 Dec 2001) receiving tremendous acclaim. The next two years will see the following two parts of this epic fantasy tale unleashed onto the silver screen — no doubt to even greater praise from the critics and public alike. Already, the hype surrounding the filming of this monumental work has reached fever pitch, and images of the characters and landscape, featured in each part of the trilogy, have become eagerly sought after. In order to whet the appetites of the millions of fans around the globe we will be publishing a special edition of the popular one-volume paperback, featuring an exclusive early — as yet unseen — image from the second film. A world exclusive edition of the Book of the Century, soon to be revealed as the movie experience of a lifetime.

Alienware Hardware $4,000.00:

The new Area-51® ALX is Alienware’s most powerful desktop, giving you the most bone-shaking, body-quaking performance in the universe. With the highest overclocked CPUs, the most extreme graphics and new aggressive design, you’ll be the deadliest force that’s known and feared by all other gamers. Go ahead — the bragging rights are now yours.
The Fastest Speeds Possible
Accelerate your gaming speed to heart-stopping levels with Intel® Core™ i7 975 Extreme processors, pre-overclocked by Alienware’s experts for ultimate power. Get the advantage of CPUs pushed up to two or three additional bin speeds — as high as 3.86GHz. With the highest overclocked speeds around, you’ll be amazed by what you can do.

Antiques $Varies:

Selling antiquities and ancient art online since 1993, Artemis Gallery specializes in Pre-Columbian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Far Eastern and Oceanographic art. Our extensive inventory includes pottery, stone, metal, glass and textile objects from South America, Central America and Mexico, as well as art from Greece, Italy, Rome, Egypt, the Middle East, China, India, Japan and the South Pacific. All works of art are unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic and as described, for as long as you own them.


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