Discover who likes your posts (via News)

Last evening while looking through the blog, I found this nice little feature. I’ve been wondering when they’d implement something like this. It’ll be nice to know who likes my posts, etc.

I can see it becoming a nightmare for larger sites with many followers, but for someone with a smaller blog (around 2,000 visits monthly), it’s fairly manageable.

Months ago we added the ability for readers to like your posts, and ever since thousands of people have been liking posts every day. But something was missing: there was no way for post authors to discover when someone liked something they’d written. Or even when someone new subscribed to the entire blog. Today, these problems have been solved:  We’ve added two new email notifications, one for likes and one for subscriptions. Post authors will re … Read More

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~ by Normanomicon on November 24, 2010.

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