Mobilize Your Blog This Holiday Season (via News)

I’ve looked at all the ways to mobilize your blog, and realized that I’ve done it all. At least one or two times. I do occasionally post from my iPhone app, rarely do it from a phone call, e-mail, etc but could see it’s benefits. When I was using Blogger, it was actually easier for me to e-mail my blog posts rather then use the app for it.

I can say though, if you have web access (tablet pc, netbook, public terminal), I don’t see why you wouldn’t use the web app to post. Of course, with open access points and public terminals you’ve got to be careful with your login.

Either way, it’s still a decent posting.

Mobilize Your Blog This Holiday Season With the holidays appearing thick and fast from now until next year, it’s a great time for meeting up with the people who are important to us, giving and receiving gifts, relaxing and indulging ourselves. But while you’re doing that, give a thought to your poor neglected blog this holiday season. For blogs, this can be the loneliest time of year, the time when our posts grind to a halt and our readers drop off like flies. But don’t shed a tear, t … Read More

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~ by Normanomicon on November 24, 2010.

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