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Thanks to The Firearm Blog, I’ve been alerted to a new Bob Lee Swagger book, and Mr Hunter has done a video promoting it.  He’s got a great sense of humor and seems pretty down to earth, I wouldn’t mind meeting him.

Check out the video here at The Firearm Blog:

Congrats to Stephen Hunter on his third book in the Bob Lee Swagger series, Dead Zero , that is due to be released on December 28 1. Stephen has created a video promoting the book …

Or hit up the direct link on YouTube:

Wait, what’s that?  You don’t know who the Bob Lee Swagger books are about, or what they’re about?

Well, you remember a few years ago, a movie with Mark (Marky Mark) Wahlberg called Shooter?  That movie was based on a book called Point Of Impact.

Bob Lee Swagger, jungle-smart hillbilly and premier shootist, explodes as a thinking man’s Rambo when Hunter’s ( The Day Before Midnight ) canny plot overcomes the barrage of high-tech ballistics data in this otherwise satisfying thriller. Swagger’s sniper kills were legendary in Vietnam until an enemy bullet sent him into seclusion at his home in the Arkansas mountains. Retired Col. Schreck lures him back into “the World” on the pretense that he will be testing new bullets, but instead presses him into his special “Agency” unit. Swagger’s job is to predict which site on the president’s upcoming speaking tour a professional sniper would choose for an assassination attempt–so Schreck’s unit can prevent it. Swagger calls the hit just right but is shot and framed in the assassination by Schreck’s men. Only FBI agent and sniper ace Nick Memphis believes that Swagger is innocent. Memphis and Swagger trace the real assassin through the shootist network, making clever use of gun-lore magazines. They take on FBI bureaucrats, Schreck’s nasties, Salvadoran death squads and local law agencies to get to the final showdown. While the novel’s firearms details may be daunting to non-NRA members, the characters, plot and courtroom finale will leave readers wrung out.

The next book in the series is I, Sniper:

Bestseller Hunter keeps Bob Lee Swagger, his home-spun, hard-charging hero, doing what Swagger does best in his sixth novel to feature the former Marine sniper: thwarting the authorities, staying loyal to a disappearing code of honor and hunting down evildoers who deserve everything they get. When a sniper shoots dead Joan Flanders (think Jane Fonda) and three other victims associated with the 1960s peace movement, the FBI decides the killer is the most famous sniper in America, Carl Hitchcock, who’s gone nuts and decided to up his total number of kills. Swagger soon realizes that Hitchcock, a fellow ex-Marine and Vietnam vet, is innocent, while the real killer, who’s using cutting-edge, electronic sniper gear, is still at large. After two inferior Bob Lee Swagger books, The 47th Samurai (2007) and Night of Thunder (2008), Hunter is back at the top of his game. He’s the best on the subject of guns and what damage bullets can do to human flesh. (Dec.)

And now, he’s released Dead Zero:

Swagger, the legendary hero of seven of Hunter’s novels from Point of Impact to last year’s bestselling I, Sniper, is recruited by the FBI to stop the Cruise Missile from reaching his target. The problem is that the more Swagger learns about what happened in Zabol, the more he questions the U.S. government’s support of Zarzi and the more he identifies with Cruz as hunter instead of prey.

With its hallmark accuracy on modern killing technologies, Dead Zero features an older, more contemplative Swagger, but never lets up on the razor-sharp dialogue, vivid characterizations, extraordinary action scenes, and dazzling prose that define Hunter’s landmark series. And with this installment, the stunning revelations— both political and private—will leave readers begging for more long after the last bullet finds its way home.

I’ve got a 50% coupon for Borders (good for today only) and I was thinking of picking up the third (and final) in a series that I’ve started, but I may just have to pick up these instead.  I’ll let y’all know what I’ve decided.  When I get home later tonight, I’ve got to get up my list of books that I’ve picked up in the last week or so anyhow, so, you’ll know what I picked up.

Anywho, check em out and tell me what you think.  I like the movie personally, but not too crazy about Wahlberg as an actor overall.  Don’t get me wrong, he has some good roles, just think that they could have picked someone different for this role.  I think I’m going to be pleased with his books, since I liked the movie.  Cause, you know, the books are always better.


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