What’s good for the goose…

Sorry, this guy should be made an example of.  He’s a FREAKING STATE REPRESENTATIVE for crying out loud!  If we’re not going to punish the lawmakers, how are we expected to punish those that are being represented by them?

I say nail him to the wall, charge him as if he were holding a pound of marijuana.  I don’t care if he was only HOLDING an unlit joint, I don’t care if they handled it like a ‘typical’ charge.


Make an example that says, if you’re one of the people in charge and you screw up, you’re going to be made an example of.  This way, the rest of us won’t have any grounds to stand on when we are arrested for something similar.

Seen at Pennlive.com:

Rep. Paul Costa

PITTSBURGH — A western Pennsylvania lawmaker has been fined $50 plus court costs for disorderly conduct after Pittsburgh police dropped a charge that he smoked marijuana while tailgating last month outside a Pittsburgh Steelers game.

No officers appeared at Democrat state Rep. Paul Costa’s brief appearance in Pittsburgh Municipal Court Wednesday and a police spokeswoman says she couldn’t comment on the decision to drop the charge.

Costa’s attorney, Phil DiLucente, says the plea bargain is “typical” of the way such minor marijuana charges are dealt with by the courts. But he refused to describe what was “disorderly” about Costa’s behavior on Oct. 3. DiLucente had previously denied Costa smoked marijuana saying he “detests” the drug. He refused comment when asked if Costa still feels that way.


~ by Normanomicon on November 25, 2010.

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