I’m on a US Presidents Mailing List

Apparently, someone never told him that I’m a Republican.  I got home today and checked the mail to find one single letter in my mailbox today.

I didn’t really take notice to what exactly it was till I got in the house.

I looked down and this is what I saw

Yes, you are reading that right, it’s from Former President Jimmy Carter, the peanut man himself.


I opened it up and there was a nice ‘cookie cutter’ card inside

The signature line looks actually quite nice, like it was hand signed, but ultimately, I’m sure it was either an electronic reproduction or a stamp.  I DOUBT Former President and Mrs Carter would actually hand sign cards going out to most likely everyone in the country.

The envelope also contained a three page letter

Basically, it’s a three page letter stating that they want me to give them money.

Oh, and they ‘suggested’ the best amount for me to donate.

While I appreciate the fact that you thought enough of the US Citizens to send them all a letter, I’m sure you could have taken that same amount of money that you put into paying for the envelopes, the stamps, the paper, the printing, etc to better use by putting it back into that program of yours.  I do however applaud that you would like to do something for your own country instead of shipping the money overseas somewhere.

I am however going to say, go to you’re Dem Lib friend Obama for more money, since he’s apparently freezing the government employee’s salary (almost definitely NOT his own or his staffs) to make more money.  I’m sure he’ll have more left over for the Lib special interest groups laying around.  I’ve got my own family to worry about and take care of.

What’s that?  You haven’t heard about the pay freeze?

Well, head on over to The Washington Post for the full story:

Posted at 10:20 AM ET, 11/29/2010

Obama announces 2-year pay freeze for federal workers

By Ed O’Keefe, Perry Bacon and Joe Davidson

The freeze applies to all Executive Branch workers — including civilian employees of the Defense Department, but does not apply to military personnel, government contractors, postal workers, members of Congress, Congressional staffers, or federal court judges and workers.

“Getting this deficit under control is going to require some broad sacrifices and that sacrifice must be shared by the employees of the federal government,” Obama said in a speech Monday afternoon explaining the decision. He added, “I did not reach this decision easily, this is not a line item on a federal ledger, these are people’s lives.”

The freeze would take effect on Jan. 1, pending Congressional approval by the end of this year. The 2012 pay freeze will be proposed as part of fiscal 2012 budget proposals to be unveiled early next year.

The pay change will not impact bonuses for federal workers or when a federal worker is promoted to a new level of pay, meaning federal workers promoted in the next two years will receive a new level of pay, but not receive any additional annual raises.

Well, I’m just going to let you think about the pay freeze for yourselves as I don’t even want to get onto that soap box as I’ll be up there a while.

Anywho, Happy Thanksgiving.

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