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Ok, this is a twofer so make sure you read the entire way down…

I’m just stumped by this one.  I saw over at Macenstein a game that’s quite popular with everyone.  It’s one of those seek and find games, it’s rated 4+ and according to someone out there, 4+ = full frontal nudity.

Head on over to Macenstein and read the full story with possibly NSFW cartoon nudity:

Apparently “Rated 4+” = full frontal nudity

I think it should be obvious at this point that I’m probably the furthest things from a prude, but I must say, slipping full frontal nudity into an app rated 4+ just seems a little odd to me.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite Look and Find (including my kids) Time Geeks has a couple fairly adult finds for you (or your 4+ kid) to find, including, but not limited to Adam and Eve (and Adams’ fairly impressive penis) and men urinating in public.

I’m sure as soon as Apple realizes what’s going on, this app is going to be pulled off line.

Now as if that wasn’t enough nutjob ideas for one post, here’s another one.

Dr. Macenstein mentions a “childresn show” called Xuxa.  I was going to ask on what planet is this a kids show, but then he mentions that it’s actually an Argentinian kids show.  Sorry for the bad video, but you can find some information on the AskMen Xuxa posting:

To the western observer, the Xuxa phenomenon may seem a little creepy: a hot woman in sexy clothes captaining a children’s show, in which she leaves her youthful guests with a lipstick kiss mark. But remember that this is Brazil, where human beauty is celebrated in all spheres without limitations or taboos.

She was discovered by a chance encounter with a model scout and since then Xuxa has become the richest woman in Brazil and one of the most famous in the world. And it’s all due to her magic with kids (and their fathers’ secret fantasies about her).

With her own TV show when she was 20, she was finagled by Brazil’s biggest media empire, where she changed the face of children’s entertainment and became a monument in Brazilian culture.



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