Then I see his *#(*&@ out!

Go get em whoever you are.

This is GREAT, I love it when a woman stands up for herself when something like this happens.  I’ve heard of women pointing and laughing, I’ve heard of them crying, I’ve heard of them kicking someone, but I think this is probably about as embarrasing as having a woman point and laugh on a crowded street.  I’d love to have seen what was said before the video started.  I’d also love to see the police arrest this jack wad.

KUDOS to whoever this woman is.

I am happy that this pervert was arrested for what he did.  If you’re a pervert, fine, keep it to yourself in private.  Don’t expose someone who’s not looking for it.

I do have to warn you that the video listed below and on the site does contain offensive language.  I also have to warn you that there is another site linked in here that is VERY offensive to a lot of people.  So please view the video only if you don’t mind the language and DO NOT click through to the other link mentioned within the actual BoingBoing article unless you have no problems with severe adult content.

Thanks go to BoingBoing for finding this one:

Jezebel follows up with the story of the awesome take-no-prisoners attitude of the woman in the video above, who, after being flashed by a creep on the NYC subway, gave him the tongue-lashing of a lifetime, which drew the attention of her fellow passengers and led to the man’s arrest.

But not everyone is delighted to see the flasher caught: Jezebel reports on the incredibly creepy world of an online community for men who get off on exposing themselves non-consensually to women and girls:

There’s also the followup that BoingBoing mentioned over at the New York CBS Local web site:

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — She refused to stand there and take it.

So instead, the victim of a subway sexual assault decided to get even. She confronted a flasher right there on a crowded train.

Should you do the same thing?

It’s happened to many women when they’re riding the train — men exposing their genitals to people whom they think are vulnerable female straphangers.

“They have a saying; every monkey knows what tree to climb on…you know?” one woman said.

But apparently one sick man chose the wrong tree on this train. A rider posted a YouTube video of an unidentified woman accusing the man in black of flashing her on a “4” train in midtown.

“I’m like why is this person pressing up against me? Then I realize you have all this (expletive) space here. Then I see his penis out! That’s it!”

And her furor didn’t end there.

I would also like to add a ‘managerial’ note.  If you are the woman in the video and have taken offense that I have posted either your picture or video, please contact me and I will be more than happy to remove both of them from my site.  If you are the woman in the video and would like to give me a comment on the incident, please feel free to contact me (contact information is on my How To Get A Hold Of Me page).

If you are CBS News and would prefer I remove your portion of this post from the site, please contact me as well and I will do everything I can to correct the issue, up to and including, removing the post from my site.


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