One Year Anniversary

Happy One Year Anniversary to The Normanomicon!

Good morning all, I wanted to get a good start on my one year WordPress anniversary, so I’ve decided to post this as the absolute first post of the day (for me anyhow).

For my first official WordPress post, you can find it here:

Debut WordPress Blog Post

Welcome to my first WordPress posting. I’ll be shifting my blog over to WordPress over the next few days due to out growing Blogger.

Keep watching.

I’ve been using WordPress now for one year.  I’ve decided that beyond a shadow of a doubt, there’s NO way I’m going back to either Google Blogger or any other (at this point in time) blogging platform out there.

I have seen many different types of blogging systems, software, etc and have found that until something better comes along (that’s going to be a while), I’m sticking with WordPress.

I’ve got to say it’s got some of the best features that I have ever seen within a blogging environment.  From the sign up and creation process right on down to finding other blogs that are similar to yours, to coming out with new features to the ease of publicizing and advertising the site, WordPress is simply all around GREAT.

When I started blogging, I had toyed around with straight HTML code, putting in tables and creating my own ‘blogging’ environment.  That failed miserably and I ended up only posting a few things on it and abandoned it because of too much trouble.

I then had picked up my own domain name ( and through the company I purchased my domain name from had blogging software.  That wasn’t always the easiest to use either.  I even tried a forum type of blog, but it just didn’t work for me.

I finally found Google Blogger.  It worked, it was easy to use, it had some nice features and was easy to design for me at that point so I stuck with it for quite a while.

Then, I found WordPress.  Easy to sign up, easy to read and find how-to’s on just about everything there is on WordPress.  There’s user communities, “Tweetup’s”, a GREAT set of people behind the local WordPress scene and so much out there for both users and developers.

The people from both the @WordPressHbg group as well as the #phillywp Twitter groups are fantastic.  There’s a lot of knowledge in both groups that I can speak for personally.

I think using WordPress also helped me to blog more often, create better well thought out posts.  And I’m sure it’s a combination of the fact that I’m both blogging more, but also the fact that through WordPress, I don’t have to worry about posting anything about the posts themselves manually either.  It’ll automatically forward all of my posts to Yahoo! Updates, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger Connect and Google Buzz.  Not to mention getting my site listed in the Tag clouds and category matches.  Then there’s the featured blogs of the day where I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten up there at least once.

It also helps that I ‘cross post’ and assist new bloggers setting up their blogs, creating Twitter accounts, expanding their audience, etc.

When I started blogging (sometime around 2002), I was lucky to get 100 posts a year.  Back in December of last year when I started, I was maybe 100 a month.  Now, I’m proud to say that for the last 4 months I’ve been either at 2,000 or above 2,000 hits per month.  I almost hit 2,500 in November and I have a feeling that I’ll be getting closer to 3,000 in December.  Well, at least I hope to.  😉

Either way, thank you for sticking it out with me and if you’re new to The Normanomicon, I hope you like what you see.  You’ll be seeing much more of the content that I’ve been creating over the last year.

Now all I gotta do is start getting people to comment more on my articles as well as figuring out a way to make enough money off of this thing so I can quit my day job and work for myself.  🙂

~ by Normanomicon on December 3, 2010.

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