100 Pushups, Week 1, Day 1

Tonight I started the 100 pushups program.

I surprised myself, I was able to go through week 1, day 1 without too much trouble.  It’s been a while since I really did a good set of pushups, but I think this is going to be fun, frustrating and overall, good for me.  It’s something to strive for.

If you don’t know anything about the 100 Pushups program, head on over to the site and take a look:

If you’re serious about increasing your strength, follow this six week training program and you’ll soon be on your way to completing 100 consecutive push ups!

Think there’s no way you could do this? I think you can! All you need is a good plan, plenty of discipline and about 30 minutes a week to achive this goal!

No doubt some of you can already do 50 consecutive push ups, but let’s face it, you’re in a big minority. Most of you reading this won’t even be able to manage 20 pushups. Actually, I’m sure many of you can’t even do 10.

However, it really doesn’t matter which group you fall into. If you follow the progressive push ups training program, I’m positive you’ll soon be able to do 100 push ups!

I did the initial test and was only able to get 5 pushups.  That put me on column one.  I’m not sure if this is right however as I was able to do 9 pushups on the final set.  We’ll see how it goes.  Either way, I’m going to post my results on each of the three days a week that I do the program.

Tonight’s results were:

  • Set 1:  2
  • Set 2:  3
  • Set 3:  2
  • Set 4:  2
  • Set 5:  9 (minimum 3)

My arms do feel tired but not so much as they’re not useable like when I was hitting the gym hardcore a few months ago.  I’ll be getting back into the whole gym thing again, but for now, we’ll stick with the light cardio and the pushup program.

Let me know if you’re doing it as well and how it’s going for you.


~ by Normanomicon on December 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “100 Pushups, Week 1, Day 1”

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  2. Hey Norman! I’ve just started the One Hundred Push Up program too. Funny. I can’t even do ONE full push up so I’m working my way up to it. Looking forward to following your progress. 🙂

    • Glad to hear you’re doing it too. And don’t worry about how many you’re doing now. As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Well a journey of a hundred pistils begins with the first one.

      Good luck. Are you posting your progress anywhere?

  3. Yes, I’ve just started a blog at http://www.pushuppursuit.blogspot.com

    Here’s to progress!

  4. Cool, will do the same 🙂

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