Holiday Scams

I came across this as I was setting up to write a follow up article for the online magazine I write for and thought I’d share this with you as well.

10 Holiday Scams To Watch Out For (via

Cybercrime, scams and malicious social engineering is always a threat, but when a large company did a survey on how shoppers shop during the holiday, 70% stated they would spend considerable time on the Internet researching purchases before the holidays. With the increase time and purchases on the Internet, there will inherently be an increase in the scams and crimes committed online.

Thieves and scammers want to go where there is a larger chance for success. The holidays afford them many opportunities to succeed. With a little bit of forethought and some planning, you can remain safe during this time of the year as well as all year long. As a side note, you can do a few other things to remain safe.

Among the top 10 are:

  1. Fake Gift Card Scams
  2. Suspicious Holiday Rentals
  3. Recession Scams
  4. To-Good-To-Be-True Scam
  5. A time for giving
  6. “I’ve been robbed” scams.
  7. Dangerous Wifi Scams
  8. Dangerous Downloads
  9. Increases in phishing and now smishing scams
  10. The infamous free iPad

There’s some good information in here and some good tips.  Enjoy and beware.

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