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Say Uncle has a post that brings to light two items that are actual factual and practical articles on both the zombie head shot and advice for surviving a zombie outbreak (if it ever happened).

The first one is a factual practical breakdown of what to do during and after a zombie apocalypse.  It’s brought forward by “From my position… On the way!”:

1. People in comas generally WON’T wake up without medical care. No one adds water to the feeding tube, in about 3 days you’re dead. Not to mention that since outbreaks would spread rapidly in hospitals (since they don’t take prophylaxis against the zombie virus) your are laying undefended and helpless in bed–a veritable buffet for the walking dead. Also, waking up 28 days later means either waking up in a pile of your own poo, or waking up with a colostomy bag the size of a hefty bag. In the case of the latter, you’ll need a surgeon to fix the colostomy.

2. Guns and ammo. 12 GA Shotguns are big and have stopping power. They also kick like a mule, and have bulky and heavy ammo, and 7-round (or less) magazines. Bad choice, except as a get away option. Deer rifles are a bad choice as well, unless sniping to thin the herd. Otherwise ammo is much heavier than you need to drop a zombie. The AR15 and AK 47 are acceptable choices, high-capacity magazines, readily available ammo, but if you don’t already own one, after the apocalypse, good luck finding one (more on that later.) For my money, the venerable .22is the gun of choice.  Enough power to scramble a brain, high capacity magazines, ridiculously cheap, small, and light ammo, (try carrying 1,000 rounds of any other ammo), negligible recoil, decent (enough) range,  and much quieter than other guns.

He goes on to give quite a decent breakdown of arms, theories, what do do, what not to do, where to go, etc.  It’s one of those if it were possible to happen this is the logical way to go about it.  He approaches it like any other problem with a level head and a good plan.

The second article is “Anatomy and the perfect (undead) headshot” by Popular Mechanics:

Dr. Steven Schlozman, has written extensively about the brain function of undead zombies (as opposed to voodoo victim zombies). He’s co-director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and, much more importantly, on the advisory board of the Zombie Research Society.

His self-appointed mission is to use zombie fiction to help teach people about the way the human brain works. One of the useful points he makes is that, contrary to the idea that the brain stem (medulla oblongata) must be destroyed in order to destroy a zombie, their behavior indicates that several parts of their brains are still functioning in a coordinated way. They hear noise, stagger toward it and attack the target on sight. These are sure signs that the zombie frontal lobe is active enough to process sensory input through the thalamus. Of course, the frontal lobe must be damaged because the zombie acts on base impulses, like pursuing and eating other people. Other brain damage accounts for the lack of motor coordination and general poor manners.

This is a very thorough and well thought out article.  It’s got some interesting stuff in it and if you’ve got the time to sit down and read it, I highly suggest doing so.  Not just for the zombie head shot stuff, but there’s a lot more in there relating to live human anatomy of the brain.

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