FBI: ‘Video Girl’ on the hitlist…

No, the FBI isn’t looking to ‘take out’ Barbie, but they have had a leak (gee big surprise there, considering…) of a Law Enforcement Only notice.  In the notice, it states that the new Video Girl Barbie by Mattel could be used by pedophiles in child pornography cases.  They do say that there are currently no cases involving the new Barbie doll and also states that the doll uploads video to the computer only and not directly to the internet.

Head on over to CNN Justice for the whole story:

The FBI is warning law agencies that the new Barbie “Video Girl” doll could be used as a tool by pedophiles to make child pornography.

In an alert entitled “Barbie ‘Video Girl’ a Possible Child Pornography Production Method,” the FBI said the doll has a built-in hidden camera in the chest and a small LCD screen for video display in her back.

The FBI “cyber crime alert” doesn’t cite any misuse of the doll, which has been on the market since July, but talks about the possibility.

~ by Normanomicon on December 8, 2010.

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