Want cheap Starbucks?

Well, LifeHacker and LH reader therewillbesnacks have brought you quite an extensive list of ‘Starbucks Hacks’ that can get you either free or cheap coffee that will probably work at places other than just Starbucks.

I find it amusing that being the kind of guy that hates to pay full price for anything that I am, I already doing most of these.

Head on over to have a look:

Now, I know as a rule frugal people don’t buy Starbucks drinks. But say you’re in a hurry and you need a caffeine fix, or you’re a tea junkie like me and couldn’t wait for your kettle to boil some water before your class/work/whatever. Or maybe your with some friends who all want to go to Starbucks (Because, say what you will about Starbucks, but if you want a place to hang out with your friends other than your house, Starbucks is much cheaper than a restaurant or bar), how can you save money?

I’ve worked at Starbucks a long time now, and there’s a few things you can do to hack the system.

Brewed coffee is cheap enough. Ask for a pour over of their bold coffee for a fresher cup. It takes a few minuets, but it’s fresher and costs the same amount. Also, if you and several of your friends all want coffee, ask for a French Press. It’s around 4 dollars and is approximately 45 oz of fresh, hot, French pressed coffee. And you can pick whichever blend you’d like.



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  1. I’ve heard that Starbucks is not a supporter of the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. Do you know anything about their stance now? I avoid Target, Lowes and Starbucks because of the things they’ve said concerning veterans and the GWOT. I’ve heard that Target gives hundreds of thousands to the GOP but I don’t know if I believe that.

    • Wether or not they support the wars, I do know they DO support the troops.

      As far as Target is concerned, I know they do in fact support our troops at home and abroad. The things you’ve heard about them are myths. A good friend of mine used to work for Target and she guaranteed me that they do in fact support them.

      Not sure about Lowes, don’t know one way or the other, best bet would be to contact their corporate office.

      I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Sears also supports the troops 100%. They do things for the troops that I have not heard any other company do for them, more specifically, they go above and beyond the call of duty (so to speak) to support their employees that are called to service.

      Do me a favor, I’m going to get in touch with the respective corporate offices for Target, Starbucks, Sears and Lowes and find out their stances on the troops, etc and I’ll do a posting about it. Keep watching for the answer.

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