Hah…You’d think after a while people would start winding down about zombies.  But then again, you’d think after a week or two, people would start winding down about glittery vampires.  And as far as that’s concerned, I agree with Buffy, the only time a vamp should glitter is when he’s in the sunlight…  😉

But I digress, you’ve got to check out this new ‘Zombieflage’ as Soldier Systems puts it.


Think Geek has once again contributed to the oversaturation of zombie products with their Zombie Attack Hoodie. Decorated with the battle scars of a survivor turned undead, this charcoal grey 100% cotton hoodie includes two front pockets, ribbed cuffs and bottom, topped off with a silver-colored biohazard symbol for a zipper pull.


~ by Normanomicon on December 14, 2010.

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