Eavesdropping 101 (via Jumping in Mud Puddles)

Now THIS is getting back at kids that don’t want to listen. Actually, not really getting back at them, just teaching them a lesson.

I did something similar and still do for my son. When he doesn’t want to pick up his toys, I ask if he wants me to pick them up. If he says yes, then I explain to him that he won’t have them any more, that I’m going to get rid of them. The first time I did this, he didn’t really give it much though, so I picked them all up, put them in bags and boxes and took them out to the garage like I was going to throw them away. I didn’t really throw them out, just put them out in the garage for a few weeks.

He would pick his toys up for a while, then it happened again. I asked if he wanted me to pick up his toys. I reminded him of what happened to the last batch that I had to pick up. He was a little more hesitant to let me pick them up, but he did it again. And again, I hid them.

He did it again a third time and this time I was just downright angry with him over it. I boxed up his toys including some of his favorites that he goes nuts over when he misplaces them. He watched as I did it and my wife I think was a little upset with me as I was doing it, but I had a stand to make. Finally, by the time I was just about done, he told me he was sorry and didn’t want me to get rid of his toys. I think I’m finally getting through to him.

And don’t worry, he eventually does get them back, but not for quite a while.

Eavesdropping 101 It’s a given that kids like to play with their toys. They will drag them out, play until their little hearts content, and then put them away at the end of the day. Well, some children put their toys away. My son, Adam, didn’t.  I was a stay-at-home mom, so we played all day. It was like a little day care center. We would make crafts and paint, build with blocks and Lego’s, and color the day away.   Adam liked taking his books and making a road w … Read More

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