I don’t remember if I posted about this or not, and I’m too lazy to go back and double check.  (Hey, at least I’m honest).

It was a contest by JerkingTheTrigger to give away one of 10 IKH SLAP Patches.

Well, I was informed early this morning that I am one of the lucky winners.

Thank you Jerking The Trigger and thank you IKH.  It’ll be proudly displayed on my gear.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the SLAP Plate, it’s a great little device for US $20.00 that you place on the buffer plate of your AR style weapon.  They hold a variety of different sling attachments and should hold up under many a different environments and circumstances.  If I hear of any of my colleagues that are currently using it, I’ll have them do a write up on it and post it here for you.  I can only do a cursory review of one in a sport shooting environment only, but I still may do one anyhow.

Head on over and take a look at the full write up.


The SLAP will allow you to transition from one side of your AR- Style Rifle to the other and back without having to unhook your sling hook.

SLAPs are cut from steel and phosphate coated. They are a single piece of carbon steel. They are not cast, not welded, there are no weak points to break or make any noise.

They are designed to receive most popular sling attachments and regular 1″ webbing.


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  1. Congrats!

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