Are pasties the next step for one local bar?

December 6 of 2010, I wrote about an article that appeared on  It featured a piece about a ‘Gentlemans club’ in Hershey. Well, there’s now an update.

Well, it looks like Shanes is moving towards that as we speak.  Apparently, bikini clad dancers have shown up as the entertainment.  And according to Mrakovich, you’ve got to “walk before you run”.

Head on over to and take a look at the full article.

“You have to walk before you run,” he said. “I’m not sure where we’re headed yet.”

He said if the bar’s initial foray into dancing — girls in swimsuits — is successful, he might stop there or move toward partial nudity by allowing the dancers to wear pasties on bare breasts.

At the moment, he said, everything is up in the air, and at least partially in the hands of his and the township’s lawyers.

Derry Twp. Manager Jim Negley would only say that the township is aware of the “activities” at Shane’s and that zoning officials, along with the township’s solicitor, are reviewing the zoning ordinance to see if dancing is permitted at the bar.


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