Be the Chicken Nugget in a Bag of Vegetables (via Shari Lopatin: Rogue Writer)

This Shari Lopatin chick (hope she doesn’t mind me calling her that) got my attention with the title of her post.  Actually, WordPress turned me on to her blog via the dashboard freshly pressed thing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I hit up her site, but what I found was interesting to me in the post. Yes, I know I’m not being original in re-posting her post, but I do think I’m original in my own comments.

I didn’t know wether to expect some militant carnivore type that was lashing out at vegan’s or vegetarians (DEFINITELY NOT MY LIFESTYLE as you can tell by my love of pork, but hey, if you want to subject yourself to that lifestyle, who am I to change your mind. You’ve the one that’s got to deal with the results, not me), or if it was some euphemism for only God knows what.

I’m happy I swung over though as it’s a great post. She hits on a few things that we should all try to follow more often.

I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of her blog later. As for me right now? well, that’s another post.

Be the Chicken Nugget in a Bag of Vegetables My boyfriend found a chicken nugget in his bag of frozen vegetables the other day. And just to make sure it was a chicken nugget, he popped the frozen mound into the microwave. Sure enough, it emerged crispy and delicious. Like McDonald’s. Concerned that perhaps the workers at the packaging house were rebelling, and some poor vegetarian would end up with the same fate from another bag, my boyfriend called the company. “Are you sure it wasn’t a ca … Read More

via Shari Lopatin: Rogue Writer


~ by Normanomicon on January 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Be the Chicken Nugget in a Bag of Vegetables (via Shari Lopatin: Rogue Writer)”

  1. Hi Norman,

    I’m completely cool with you calling me “this Shari Lopatin chick.” Ha! Kinda cool. I really appreciate you re-posting my blog and I’m very happy you found the insight useful. I’ll be more than happy to have you swing by again and check out the rest of the site when you have a few free moments. Thanks for the kudos, and happy New Year!


    • I ‘sort of figured’ you wouldn’t mind as it’s all in fun, and you seem like a pretty cool ‘chick’. 🙂

      I do like the site and will be visiting often to catch up on your past posts. Especially the ones that give advice from a writers perspective.

      And Happy New Year to you as well.

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