Sensing Your Cell Phone When It Hasn’t Gone Off (via Things That Need To Die)

Now this is an interesting site. There’s a few things on here such as the Shapely Sled, or the Contused Grocery Carts. But this post here, Sensing your cell phone when it hasn’t gone off is interesting as well:

Sensing Your Cell Phone When It Hasn't Gone Off Over my self-indulgent hibernation, I’ve been spending a lot of time with a smartphone that I happened to receive over Christmas. It’s a neat little device, and I’m constantly overwhelmed by all the intricacies of it and the Android OS. It’s entertaining, but it’s gotten me thinking about cell phones in general.  I haven’t had mine long enough to fully conceptualize what I’m going to talk about (which really should say something about how fa … Read More

via Things That Need To Die

I do have to add something though and I’ve seen in mentioned within the posts comments.  Quite a few times, I’ve ‘sensed’ that my phone was going to go off before it does.  My wife’s seen me do this and she’s freaked out by it and one time even said “you’re not right”.  I of course said thank you.  😉

But what is it that makes you ‘sense’ your phone before it goes off.  Well, some people spend enough time around certain electronic devices and they pick up that ‘vibe’.  Don’t know what I’m talking about.

Ok, here’s a test.

  • Turn off the devices vibrate feature.
  • Now put your phone on silent.
  • Next, place it next to a set of computer speakers or radio (set to an am station).
  • Now, call the phone.

Notice the noise coming out of the speakers?

That’s the pre-ring signal.  The signal that is transmitted to the phone to tell it it’s got an incoming call.

Now, do the same thing, but put the phone on normal ring.  Call it again and you will ‘notice’ or ‘sense’ the phone is going to ring before it actually does.

As devices are shielded and technology progresses, this will eventually dissapear (hopefully), but our body will become attuned to the device that you are using and eventually won’t even need to have the ringtone on to tell that the phone is ringing.  We’ll just ‘know’ it.

I’m sure there’s an actual scientific study out there somewhere to prove this theory as well, but I just don’t feel like spending the time digging through BS scientific flim-flam looking for it.  Besides, I just get more depressed knowing that government grants are going to fund these BS studies.

I think though the sensing when it hasn’t gone off phenomenon might just be an effect of someone else’s electronic device going off near you, or another ‘signal’ close to what you’re used to.

What do you think?  Am I full of it, or do you think I actually know what I’m talking about?


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