The Case of Missing Cigarettes (via Iconic Photos)

WARNING – the following blog entry may be offensive – WARNING

Can we PLEASE let history alone?

I’m really getting sick and tired of all of these self important screw jobs thinking that to make the environment safer, make it safer for kids, make things more ‘politically correct’, they need to remove things from history.

Leave the word ni**er in Mark Twain. It was written in a time where that word was socially acceptable in most circles. It gave us a look at what life was like then.  If people are offended by the word, I’m sorry that you are offended, but don’t censor a piece because it’s got language in it that some people find offensive. Are they going to pull the word out of every movie, play and history book?

If they’re going to censor the word out of a classic piece of literature, let’s go another step. Let’s remove that word as well as the word nigga from all of the music out there, let’s remove it from the dictionary and eliminate negro from the Spanish language. Let’s make it actually a criminal offense to say, write, or even think it.

Now someone is removing cigarettes from notable historic events such as when Churchill is photographed as the cigar smoking leader he was.  THE CURRENT PRESIDENT SMOKES IN PUBLIC!!!! If someone thinks they look cool smoking, they need to be educated by their parents instead of removing the offending piece by someone else. If you shelter someone from something, it’s more likely they’re going to abuse it. The same goes for firearms. You shelter someone from guns, they’re going to want to be around them more, handle them more and most likely handle them inappropriately.

My son is around a firearm 24/7 and he knows the difference enough between his toy guns and my real guns. He knows it’s not right for him to even touch my weapons without my permission. He’s even chastised his cousins for wanting to look at and handle my weapons as well as tell them that it’s not right to point toy guns at people. My son’s only FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!

It’s about education, not elimination. Let’s realize this people and stop being so freaking STUPID!

Thanks to Iconic Photos for putting me on this soapbox…

The Case of Missing Cigarettes As America’s anger thermostats overheats on Mark Twain censorship, Iconic Photos looks back at a visual issue that regularly graces our semi-annual, revisionist political correctness hissy fits: cigarette censorship in photos. The French, for all their enthusiastic fume-making, seems to be the worse offenders. Not even presidents or philosophes escape the firm hand of their cigarette censors, whose efforts are often sophomoric and inexplicable: J … Read More

via Iconic Photos


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    • Thanks for the comment. I almost didn’t want to post it because of my commentary, but I’m glad at least one person understands the meaning and not mistake my words as a racial attack. (which it is NOT)

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