So THAT’s what happened to the strippers in Hershey…

I was wondering what ever happened to the case of Shanes and the strippers in Hershey.

Well, now I know.  It seems that the property owner (Room One Corp.) agreed to settle unpaid rent and taxes if Mrakovich stopped having dancers.

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Wanna read something hot?

You were expecting a naughty book? A magazine, perhaps?

How about your local zoning ordinances?

Tucked amid mundane terms governing construction, parking and stormwater retention, are sometimes-explicit discussions of adult entertainment and the types of, uh, “activities” permitted.

If the thought of your local planning or zoning committee discussing what constitutes “arousal” makes you giggle, it shouldn’t.

Specificity — even if it involves concepts that can’t be detailed in a family newspaper — can keep lawsuits at bay and taxpayer dollars in pocket.

and here:

Shane’s City Limits owner has agreed to end dancing by bikini-clad women at his Hershey bar in a settlement reached with the landlord today.The settlement followed testimony on Tuesday before Dauphin County Judge Richard A. Lewis. The bar’s landlord filed an emergency injunction seeking to evict the bar on claims of violating the lease and unpaid rent. Owner Shane Mrakovich has said he hasn’t done anything wrong and is trying to keep his bar afloat in the tough economy.

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