Faster than you can pull the trigger

WOW, this guy has got to be the absolute fastest gun on the planet.  I don’t see how anyone could be faster.  I don’t even see how he can be this fast.

This guy can pull his weapon, shoot you twice and holster it before you could even pull the trigger.

Now THAT’s a hell of a gunman.

Take a look at the video, then read below for more information on Bob Munden, fastest gun who ever lived.

From the Bob Munden web site:

The eldest of five siblings, Bob Munden was born in Kansas City, Missouri, February 8, 1942, to parents Robert Sr. and Dorotha Munden.

When Bob was in fifth grade, his father traded a shotgun for two double-action revolvers. Bob practiced Fast Draw using a cap gun holster, and entered his first Fast-Draw tournament, shooting live ammunition, when he was just 11 years old. In 1953, the professional sport of Fast Draw, sometimes called Quick Draw, was just a few men in the desert who met once a week at a garbage dump to shoot. The entry fee was a dollar and winner took all. Bob did not win his first tournament, but he was inspired, partly by the love of western movies, and became a dedicated Fast-Draw enthusiast.


~ by Normanomicon on February 9, 2011.

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