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As you all may remember since it’s FRESH in your mind, I mentioned yesterday about Borders closing their doors, the list of PA stores as well as a link to the full list. (which you can also find here via The Wall Street Journal: Borders Store Closing List).

Well, this morning I woke up to an e-mail in my in box (form letter of course) from Mike Edwards, President and CEO of Borders, Inc.

It goes on to say that Borders stores will remain open for business, the Borders Rewards and Rewards Plus program is still in effect, the online portion is operating as usual.  Something to remember with their e-tailer portion here.  When they first started doing online book sales, they went through for the sale of books online.  I think ultimately, this hurt their total business bottom line.

eBook libraries, which Borders have partnered with Kobo for, will remain safe and will continue to sell eBooks.

Also mentioned is the fact that they are trying to keep all stores open, but due to the Chapter 11 process, they will be closing under performing stores.

So if you want your store to remain open, please visit it.

I know Borders does affect the smaller mom/pop booksellers, but please remember, the smaller shops can’t offer as wide a selection as the larger chain stores but they do have a place in the industry. They offer something that no Borders could offer, a certain something that you get when you walk in.  So please, make sure and visit the smaller shops as well. If they go out of business, it’s gone, no alternate store to run to.

Borders Closing Their Doors (via the munchkin wrangler and Erk… Some sad news coming, but of course, this is to be expected. Sort of like West Coast Video, or Blockbuster going out of business. Borders is going to be filing bankruptcy and looks like they’ll be closing stores.  (See PA list and link to full list below). Thankfully, the store nearest us is not on the list.  I just hope that it doesn’t fall on the list … Read More

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  1. I love Boarders! It’s sad to say goodbye to them. Although I now get my books online at and enjoy them.

    • Yup, Borders is great. I’m glad the one near us is staying open. I do get a lot of stuff from but I still love hanging out at Borders.

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