Hotel Room Survival

Now this is pretty cool.  There’s a mess of different things you can do with a coffee maker, tea kettle, iron, and a hotel room.   No stove, no kitchen, no microwave.  Just a little bit of time and some creative  thinking.

You can make oatmeal, ramen noodles, chicken, and more using your coffee maker, this comes from GeekOSystem:

Like so many before me, I was once hungry in college. With term papers looming and the dining hall already closed for the night, food had to come from somewhere.

That was the night I learned to make ramen in my coffee maker.

At first I was nervous, pouring the hot water over noodles in my bowl, covering them, and letting it steep. Eventually, I became more adventurous: cooking the noodles in the carafe; putting the seasoning packet in the basket that normally holds the filter; adding an egg.

And over at SlashFood, George Egg shows us how to make dinner AND muffins for breakfast.

Hotel Survival – George Egg:

If any Foodie Flick could blow your mind, it’s this one. British comedian George Egg recently posted a YouTube video in which he cooks dinner in his hotel room.

We’re not talking about a quick salad and sandwich here. Without bringing any special tools from home, Egg sweeps aside the overpriced room-service menu and makes pasta and biscuits in his room — from scratch. No hot plate. No microwave. If it wasn’t captured in a video, we probably wouldn’t believe it.

The entrée? A tortellini pasta with spinach, rocket and crème fraîche that he cooks in the room’s tea kettle. This might not leave a desirable taste for the next poor sap who makes tea, but it’s a rather ingenious way to boil noodles. (He adds a raw egg yolk in a nod to carbonara; emulate that at your own risk.)


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