Update : Goodbye Netflix, Hello Amazon Streaming… (via Normanomicon)

I’ve sat down and took a serious look at Amazon Streaming.

Unless I were into older movies that I’ve seen a dozen time, or I was seriously into B movies and/or classic movies, it wouldn’t be worth signing up just for the service.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a TON of movies there.  A lot of good ones, a lot of classics, but just not what I’d want in a streaming service.  Not now anyhow.

I’ve checked it against my Netflix queue and found that most of what’s available on Netflix is either not available or isn’t free via the streaming service on Amazon.

It seems as though they’ve started with a ‘base’ and will be expanding exponentially.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to give Netflix a run for their money.  If they can supply streaming on par and/or better then Netflix, I definitely will be dropping them.  But for now, I’ll still keep Netfilx.

Goodbye Netflix, Hello Amazon Streaming... Am I actually saying goodbye Netflix? I may be.  It was just announced today on Amazon.com that they are opening up the new Amazon Streaming player for all Amazon Prime members. I’m definitely not going to cancel Netflix just yet.  Not till I can sit down and compare what all I’m getting with the Amazon Streaming.  I’m already paying $79.00 a year for Amazon Prime (which is covered by my Amazon Associates account), and this is just a bonus.  With … Read More

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