Yet another reason Facebook is our enemy

Yea, I know, I use it a lot too, but I’m careful of what I click on inside of Facebook.  I don’t just ‘friend’ anyone and have to confirm who they are before giving access to them.  As a matter of fact, I’ve either communicated directly with the person or met them in person before friending them on my site.  Usually, unless they come recommended by several trustworthy friends.

Well, anyhow, there’s another ‘Facebook Stalker Tracker Tool’ that’s just another SPAMScam.

I’ve seen this type of tool in use before on several friends pages and it never fails to amaze me that even after falling for similar ‘attacks’ how some people still fall for crap like this.

Unfortunately, this one may be a little more enticing than say “Hey, take a look at this picture of you before I post it, I don’t think your mom would like it”, or “I just signed up to win an iPad, vote for me”.  It prays on the fear that you are being stalked, or people are trying to get information about you.  It spoofs a site that is supposed to tell you who viewed your profile, etc.

Please remember, KNOW what you’re clicking on, or know what you’re doing before you do it.  If you think it may be a scam, ask someone in the know, or even ask me.  I’ll be more than happy to take a look and tell you if it’s a scam or not.

You can also hit up the Symantec web site or Snopes for answer.

Thanks to TrendLabs Malware Blog we have a complete rundown of this new ‘tool’:

Privacy has been one of the major concerns of Facebook users roday, especially as the social network continues to increasingly grow to become a massive directory of personal information. Users are becoming very concerned as to who can access the information they post, fearful that these may be viewed and used in a malicious way. Given this, stalkers—people who aim to invade other people’s privacy—are considerably becoming Facebook users’ worst nightmare.

Facebook scams play on people’s fear of being stalked. This is not surprising, we have recently seen newly created domains that offer help to users in order to track down who most view their profiles, as well as how many times these were viewed. The domains contain strings like “profile view” and “creepers” in their URLs, suggesting their alleged purpose.


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