Japan Earthquake = Opportunity for Malware

Searching for information on the Japan Earthquake may land you in hot water.  The mal-ware makers, according to Trend Micro, have already inserted pages out there leading you to the FAKEAV pages when you’re searching for information on the earthquake.

So please, make sure you know where you’re going before going there.

Head over to Trend Micro and read the full article:

Unsurprisingly, we saw blackhat SEO attacks almost immediately after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake affected Japan which was followed by a tsunami, causing massive damage to affected areas.

Blackhat SEO leading to rogue antivirus is still very much a common Web attack. We recommend that our readers get the latest news from trusted media outlets to prevent being victimized by this blackhat SEO.


~ by Normanomicon on March 11, 2011.

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