10 Tips everyone should follow

Some of you out there may know that I’m a little bit on the TEOTWAKI crowd.  I’m not hardcore, but I do want to know how to take care of myself in a situation.  I’ve talked to a few people that are HARD CORE about it and get nuts if they don’t have enough food, water and ammo to last through a year of the zombie apocalypse.

Well, these 10 tips won’t get you ready for everything, but they’re definitely something that everyone should know and follow whenever they travel, move to a new location, house, etc.  Definitely a good idea to at least do a few of these.

Head on over to Code Name Insight and get the low down:

  1. Where are we (as in address, town/city, county, state)? Then pull out a map and see where you are in relation to major cities/towns/etc.
  2. What are the major threats (natural disasters, man-made problems) in the area? This relates to number one above. This past week we had just settled in to our new temporary location and the next day, tornado warnings started racing across the TV screen. Having no one to ask since we were new in town, it was a little confusing as to where exactly we were in relation to the areas that were in the storm warning area (that’s why #1 is important) and how seriously to take the warnings (I called up a friend from Kentucky who is used to such occurrences and he said “very” so down we went to the basement for about an hour until the storm passed).
  3. Take a walk around the neighborhood you are staying in to ascertain: escape routes (there should be more than one way to enter and exit where you are at), water sources (there is currently a small river down the street from where we are), any apparent dangers (in a storm, the small river could become a danger), possible food sources, etc.

~ by Normanomicon on March 26, 2011.

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