There’s a reason we never went back to the moon…

Now this is going to be interesting to see what they pull in here.  I can’t wait to at least see a trailer for it, and if the release date is correct, we should be seeing one VERY soon.  I’m sure that it’ll be playing in theaters closer to Christmas.

It’s a new Sci-Fi movie by Timur Bekmambetov and it’s called Apollo 18.  The promo poster shows what appears to be an alien footprint (or handprint, tentacle print, etc) next to the human footprint left on the moon.

The Storyline from IMDB is:

A film about the real mission to space in the 1970’s that was canceled by NASA.

They also have it listed as costing $5,000,000 to make and have it set to release in March of 2011.

The official website for the movie is here and as you can see, there’s not much up there yet.

Thanks iO9 for finding this one:

We’re pretty excited about Timur Bekmambetov’s moon mystery movie Apollo 18.

If the ominous tagline doesn’t pull you in, this alien footprint (presumably on the Moon) poster should. Take a closer look.

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