move over cardboard there’s a new hard cover in town. (via solarpoweredkate)

Now this is a cool concept and idea.  I remember making a few small fold-over books here and there, but nothing even close to being a ‘real book’.

Most of them ended up just being a bunch of folded paper, or stacks of 3×5 cards.

A friend of mine had done a number of greeting cards and such using recycled paper and it was time consuming, but not overly hard.  That along with this article brings me to think about maybe saving those Sunday Papers to  try and make a decent amount of recycled paper and either leather, wood or some other medium and try and make my own books.  They’d be great artisan gifts for a few friends I know.

If I do end up making some, I’ll do a post about it here.

move over cardboard there's a new hard cover in town. Every once in a while I dabble in bookmaking.  I used to make my own journals all though college, just little ones that tucked just so in your pocket and weren’t too daunting to fill.  I still have them all, they full of thoughts, memory verses, sketches, ideas, remnants of daily life.  Most of them are stained in some area with coffee and I keep them together in a burlap sack.  I still like making small journals, lately I have been trying to tak … Read More

via solarpoweredkate


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