5 Annoying Replies That Don’t Require “Reply All” (via The Couch Manager)

Oh, how I agree with this. I’d also like to add a piece though.

When someone sends out an e-mail to a large amount of people (usually I gripe about my personal e-mail address with this) and they don’t use BCC.  I’ve already forwarded and asked people to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop using CC and start using BCC but they just don’t get it.  I’m sorry, but I just really don’t want everyone on the planet to have my e-mail address as I get enough SPAM and junk mail as it is.

Not to mention when someone forwards an e-mail.  Here’s a thought, let’s clean up the e-mail a bit.  Like maybe removing extra junk left in it from the previous 200 people that forwarded it?  I’ts just a pet peve of mine along with the “reply all” thing.

5 Annoying Replies That Don’t Require “Reply All” One pet peeve that I share with a lot of people I know is the use of “Reply All” in email – especially when every recipient on the mailing list doesn’t need to be included in the response. It’s very frustrating and such a waste of time having to click through useless back and forth email chatter when the topic doesn’t apply to me. The problem is that because I’m copied on the email chain, I falsely assume that I have to read all the messages and … Read More

via The Couch Manager

~ by Normanomicon on March 31, 2011.

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