Weekend Happenings

Saturday started out FANTASTIC. I was up about 0500 and jumped online for a bit.

Checked e-mail, caught up on news…

Around 730 my wife went yard saleing looking for clothes for the nerdling. she brought back a few things and breakfast.

About 0945 I went along with a good friend to a new gun shop in the area.  It’s Strawser’s Guns and Gear and you can read the entire review of this awesome shop over at Keystone Guns Gear and Guides.

Came home after that and decided to fix the hot water faucet in the bathroom sink.  Went to look for the rubber gaskets that I had from when the shower was leaking.  Well, couldn’t find them so I headed on down to True Value to get a new pack.  No problem, came home, put it on and when I was tightening the how water valve, my hand slipped and I ended up busting off the spigot.

No way to fix that, so we headed down to Home Depot to pick up a new one.  Since it was originally installed in the 1950’s, there was no way we were going to just find a way to replace it without spending a BOATLOAD of money.

Time Machine : Sink From The 50's

So, we ended up getting a new sink, faucet, vanity, etc.

The guy at Home Depot was fantastic, I had shown him pictures of the whole setup and he was able to hook me up with exactly what I needed.

My biggest fear was not being able to get things apart without destroying the pipes that were there.  But, I took my time, used the right tools and everything came off with nothing but a little elbow grease.

Started to put everything together and found out that I needed an extra piece, so I had to run back to HD.  Got home, put it all together and walla…new sink.  And no major issues.

And just for posterities sake, my wife decided to get a picture of me in action.

Anyhow, after that was finally done, the wife and mother in law pulled the weeds on the front hill while me and my father in law measured the roof for a replacement, made sure the big tiller started fine, cleared out the two drain pipes that were clogged (still don’t think we got it all thought) and found out what tines we needed for the tiller.  After all that, we still had enough left to get the front lawn covered in lawn fertilizer/weed killer.

Didn’t do much else Saturday night, but Sunday’s another story.

We cleaned the patio, got all the leaves off, got the patio furniture cleaned and re-arranged, even got some of the spare twigs/sticks laying around burnt down.

Not much else went on Sunday night as it started to rain round about 5 or so.

Now, I’m sitting down and catching up on Game of Thrones on Demand.


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  1. Good job on the sink, It is so nice to have job go well an not have to adapt this or that, plus plumbing is always fun to get at. Now you know that the wife will fill up that storage area under the sink. An if you ever have to work on it again it will take you 45 min to unload all the cans an bottles stored there just to see what is going on.

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